About Midlife Meanderings….

I created this blog with a simple goal in mind: To stay employed as a communicator.  To meet that aim,  I need to re-define myself as a relevant professional within the ever-changing digital communications landscape.  While my entire career has been in communications and journalism, I needed to immerse myself into the most current tools of the trade.   After starting an online course in digital storytelling, I began to build this space as my place to play with the new toys. 

As I began to build the site and write the first post, this pursuit started to become something more. I began to really enjoy it.  The ability to have total control over this little space within the vast Internet frontier was pretty exhilarating.

More striking, though, was my growing sense of purpose.  I created this blog without giving a lot of thought to its content beforehand.  I just sat in front of my laptop and started to write the first post, which sparked the blog’s name and its focus.  

Throughout the process, though, it struck me that I’m bridging the digital divide in nearly all aspects of life, these days.  It’s not just a workplace issue. It’s there when my husband I sit down to eat dinner with our three kids, ages 20, 15 and 13, and it’s definitely present when we help our younger ones with homework.    

And it’s not just me. The first post seemed to hit a chord with family and friends who are crossing their own digital divides, and so this  morphed from an individual trek into  a collective journey.  

In the end, this is still my little “playground,” and my original career aim remains my primary reason for being here.    But this is called social media for a reason, and I hope to make this blog an appealing and worthwhile place for others to visit by incorporating other perspectives, tools and cross-posts from other blogs.  

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome!  I may be reached at julieewart1@gmail.com, or leave me a message below. 







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